We are devoted to making world-class healthcare available to everyone.

It is a fact that it may be complicated or frustrating for patients who have opted for medical treatment outside of their home country to make the right choice of doctors, hospitals, treatment, and accommodation.

We have taken the liberty of doing it for you.

The process of organizing a trip of this caliber is a formidable task, and our mission is to make this process as easy as possible by dividing the procedure into several steps, making sure that you are personally involved in each and every one along the way.


The voyage begins when you first contact us with your inquiry.  After discussing your requirements, and accommodating ourselves accordingly, you begin your pre-assessment with our in-house team of doctors that are on-call 24/7, so that together with your involvement, we can pick and choose the right clinic and procedure for you. We have handpicked the best private medical care centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we can assure the best possible quality of care. If required, a video conference is organised with the doctors at the clinic who will be treating you, to further clarify any questions you might have.
After choosing the procedure and clinic for you, you tell us what kind of accommodation you would like for you and family or friends who might be travelling with you. We offer a variety of accommodation ranging from modest hotels to exclusive 5 star hotels and apartments.  A range of transportation options are also at your disposal – we have an assortment of transportation services from hotel shuttles and cars to escort you from the airport to the hotel, to luxury vehicles with a driver at your service for your entire stay.
After arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will be your main point of contact. The transportation, accommodation, and medical services have all been arranged. We are of utmost privacy and all clients are scheduled ahead of time with absolutely no waiting lists or queues.  At this point all that is left is your treatment to be completed.  Our doctors are available at all hours in case you have any questions or need any assistance.  Once your treatment is completed, we are there for you during your recovery time, and to finish up any remaining services you would like provided.
The final step is our offer of post-treatment tours, to turn your medical tour into a vacation you will happily reminisce of. As the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers an astonishing number of things to see, we offer a number of elective tourism packages ranging from stunning eco-tourism tours of the emerald green mountains and crystal clear river canyons of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the historical tours of the old Ottoman cities. Of course, every tour is again personalized for you.